Holley drainage and plumbing services we offer a 24/7 emergency call out service which includes both commercial and domestic drainage services. This can include blocked toilets,bloxked sinks, baths and gutters. We cover everything to cover all your needs.

CCTV drain inspection & surveys

Drainage issues are not always visible, with our CCTV high tech cameras we can identify the source of a potential problem by feeding the camera down the drain and carrying out an inspection so we can see the condition of the pipes and whats causing the issues. Also where drains run around your property to get get a good idea and also help with future developments to your property.This means you can get instant feedback and we can recommend the best steps to take going forward to solve the problem with the easiest solution.

Pre planned maintenance

A drain maintenance pre plan is beneficial for any business. The way it works will be a visit to discuss and see what work is needing regular service and how often it should be done. We will then arranged set dates for the coming future to suit your business to help keeping all systems flowing as they should and help reduce any issues.

Maintenance service could include a number of services such as
– Sink @ urinal trap maintenance
– Grease trap cleaning
– Drain cleaning & unblocking
– Emptying carpark gullies
– Gutter cleaning
– CCTV drain surveys

Drain repair & soakaways

Blocked or damaged drains/soakaways can cause a massive issue for any property and need correcting quickly. Luckily we have the skills and equipment to have the job done in the most efficiently and cost effective as possible. With our high pressure water jetters we can clear any blockage and get flow restored.

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